Life is designed to adjust its gears.  In a para-alternate universe, the unexpected turn of events throughout strangers’ lives in Rac Liberty and The Sands eventually intertwine in the fight against Rac Liberty’s Convoy, Salahad, DIPA, and more.  Their life changing experiences are the instruments that motivate each person to become affiliates of covert organizations that serve one purpose, “killing the enemy”. Rac Liberty’s Devil Dogs “Pit Vipers”, Aqua Raiders “Atticus Squad“, Ground Guerillas “The Marauders” and The Sands vigilante collectives “Nur al Huda” are driven by manipulating plots and schemes that tackle all possibilities no matter the cost.



Kristen struggles with alcoholism after she murdered Orson LeRoux. Jumping to 2032, a year of a presidential election and a very different world after COVID-19. David, Kristen, along with Ben reunite when the rehashing of similar supernatural case profiles arise and they prepare to fight the predicted war against evil during a critical time of political and social events.


Alnair is an eight year old little boy who is poverty-stricken with only having the necessities in life. One day Alnair wakes up in a magical and whimsical world unknown to all except to those who live or have been there. As he explores this unfamiliar world, he meets extraordinary characters, rare creatures, and enjoys adventurous rides full of glitz and glamour.


There is only one child destined to save the world every couple centuries from ancient and evil supernatural beings who’s mission is to devour earth’s power and light. A prophecy foresees the moment the child is born and the dark being’s sole objective is to assassinate the child before it reaches adult life. It is foretold that once the mystical traveler reaches the prime of their powers, the monstrous demons will be banished and returned where they rightfully belong in the deepest darkness. When the newborn arrives, light warriors protect it from the dark creatures who seek to destroy their savior.


In relation to horoscope, the film “Horo.S.K.O.P.E.” is about a young lady named Joelle Buchanan that uses the mechanics of horoscopes and the zodiac constellation as a guide to live her life. Joelle takes a great fall and struggles with getting back up on her feet because of love.  It has effected her work ethic considering the fact she specializes in the horoscope and relationship section for a magazine company, as well as, her living her life and being happy.  Joelle conducts a study is called project “S.K.O.P.E.” meaning Signs Kinetics Of People’s Emotions. Although she perceives it as taking care of business, she undergoes a few emotional situations. In the long run, Project “S.K.O.P.E.” is more the study of Joelle.


Vibrations, the story of a young girl who experiences one great tragedy which results in heightening her gift to see in different frequencies.  It captures audiences immediately as her awkward behavior expresses someone unlike most. With the ability to observe life and death from a unique perspective, Raegan struggles to surpass her fears and lead an average existence. 


What if an actual city of angels existed? What if an angel in disguise can illuminate the thought and mind of man by strengthening the power of vision? What if they guide you to the right decision for YOU.